Saturday, May 5, 2007

Two Views Same Day

Two Views in one Day

Well to any one and every one who lives in or around the Grand Tetons. Seeing two or even three different views or sides of the Tetons is no big deal. So These are just a few pictures i took the last time i went to Jackson Hole . It was also the first time i could even see the Tetons In what seems like a dozen or so trips? I just had the bad luck of going on super cloudy days. I guess thats what you get this time of year. So i was way happy this time and super lucky i had my camara

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pack Saddle

As you can tell their are many great places to view the Tetons from here.Pack saddle is a cool little lake. But these pictures were taken from the road to pack saddle. You can not see the Grand Tetons from the lake. Bummer i know.

Pack saddle is pretty easy to find. The road is just south of Driggs and on the east side of the valley. Their are allot of different back roads that can take you to the same place also. I would suggest just asking a local. If you have problems or get lost.

I was really surprised my first time up here. I drove up the road for along while looking for my friends. Who i never found ha ha. But when i finally gave up and turned my truck around.
WOW i could not believe my eyes and the view that was right behind me the whole time. The road climbs up out of the valley so you get a view of the Grand that's unreal.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Henderson Patterson

The view of the Tetons from here never fails to amaze me. You can see from the pictures just how neat of a place this is. Their are many good views of the Grand along this trail.

This trail is on the east side of the Driggs & Victor valley in the Big Holes. The trail is located closer to victor and is a Little harder to find then you would think. I would suggest asking a local or getting the trail map. It's the TETON PALISADES RANGER DISTRICT MAP. You can get this map at the Idaho Falls visitor center.

You can also make this a day hike. The two trails meet up and make a loop. The trail is pretty steep and narrow in spots. Well in fact it pretty much climbs and climbs. So go prepared it will take awhile. But rewarding if you take the time.